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2014 Notre Dame BM&E Program Day 3

The pictures keep on coming (posted below)...this particular photo was taken during dessert at LaSalle Grill (just in case you were wondering, the rest of the meal looked just as good). After the third day of the program things are starting to wind down. Even though we had another full day, the end is in sight...:(. Today's focus was finance and social enterprise. During our sessions we discussed different ways of making social impact through enterprise as well as ways of managing and interpreting personal and business finances to make social enterprise a reality. Essentially, the potential of social enterprise lies solely in the hands of the people willing to go against traditional business models by emphasizing both financial profit and social impact as opposed to just financial profit. As a 2nd year player, the personal finance lecture was of most interest to me because a strong financial foundation allows for a larger potential for both profit and social impact in the future. Tomorrow we will give our group business plan pitches...let the games begin! Until next time...