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2014 Notre Dame BM&E Program Day 2

The much awaited picture has arrived (posted below)! Isn't it beautiful?...Today was a long day packed full of informative lectures and business planning exercises. The focus of the day was about creating business plans and presenting them effectively. More specifically we learned about business plans, the perfect elevator pitch, and basic financial planning. My favorite part of the day was putting our newly acquired skills to use by listening to pitches given by participants in Notre Dame's annual business plan competition. The competition is open to members of the Notre Dame community including current students and alumni. All of the groups were well prepared and offered us a chance to evaluate their business plans as if we were potential investors. It was an extremely valuable exercise. To finish the day we had a chance to develop the business plans for our group competition on Sunday (I'm feeling pretty confident in my group btw). The program is in full swing now, and the knowledge keeps flowing. I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings. Until next time...

Notre Dame Ave