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2014 Notre Dame BM&E Program Day 1

Hey! I'm Josh Martin, second-year Outside Linebacker for the Kansas City Chiefs. This blog is dedicated to my experiences in the 2014 NFL Player Engagement Business Management & Entrepreneurship Program held at Notre Dame University. Today kicked off the weekend's festivities...

After a long morning of travel, I finally arrived at the beautiful Morris Inn in the heart of the Notre Dame campus, and it was a sight to behold *insert surreal campus picture here* (you'll just have to take my word for it until I figure out how to post pictures)...Unfortunately, there was no time to take in the sights. We're all about business here, so we went right to work with an overview of the program (social and environmental entrepreneurship are given heavy emphasis) and introductions. 

The participants range from newbies, like myself, to seasoned vets and retirees along with carefully selected mentors. There's definitely a ton of knowledge and wisdom in the room. I'll be keeping my pen and paper handy. After a quick break, we had a chance to pick the brains of a panel of players who shared their experiences of success and failure on the road to becoming impacting social entrepreneurs. The panel gave a lot of good advice. Next, participants had a chance to pitch business ideas to the rest of the group. We voted on the ideas, and the top five were chosen to be developed through a group competition culminating on the last day of the program. The day ended with brainstorming over dinner and dessert (which was delicious btw). I'm looking forward to what the rest of the weekend holds. Until next time...