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2015 NFL: BM&E Program Day 2

Hello Everyone! Today we had a chance to visit three great companies: Facebook, Google, and Luxe. At first glance they may not seem similar, but they all shared a nearly palpable culture oozing with creativity and passion. All of the companies welcomed us with open arms and were extremely helpful in providing relevant information on recent developments in the tech start-up world.


At Facebook we learned about the impact personal branding can have on professional development. Did you know Facebook has over 1.3 billion active monthly users? Neither did I. But, today I learned about the different tools Facebook offers to leverage this network in order to increase my fan base (I love you mom and dad, but your services will no longer be required...). We even had the opportunity to build fan pages with some of their excellent media staff (...thanks, Peter). We also had a chance to discuss some of Facebook's most recent obstacles with Facebook veteran Naiomi Gleit.

Google Ventures

At Google we learned more about what it takes to be successful in the tech industry. Google Ventures Partner Bill Maris offered his personal insight on what it takes to build a successful start-up and have a career in tech. A major theme was the importance of building a great team. In football the right combination of members on your team makes all the difference between winning and losing. As it turns out, selecting founders for a tech start-up is no different.

Luxe Valet

Luxe offered a raw look at the beginning stages of a start-up and might have been the most engaging stop of the day. Luxe didn't have a huge campus like Google or Facebook. They're currently housed in a relatively small office with an open layout (like a true startup in my opinion). The access was more than anything we experienced at Facebook or Google. We were able to walk up to any employee while they were working and simply ask them what they're doing. It was great because we had access to the entire backbone of the company from the CEO to the support staff. I had a chance to talk to a couple of their engineers, Pawel and Rob, and they were extremely helpful in suggesting resources to help me improve my coding skills.

Believe it or not, our day was not over. We headed back to Wharton and squeezed in a couple of presentations...I am so tired and so well informed. Until next time...zzzzzzzz